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I’m pleased and excited to announce that I was declared the winner of this year’s annual Young Com­posers Meet­ing in the Nether­lands, hosted by renowned Dutch ensem­ble, orkest de ereprijs. The jurors chose between 16 pieces that the invited com­posers wrote for the ensem­ble. My piece, Love in the Time of Con­nec­tiv­ity, was a col­lage of approx­i­mately a dozen other pieces, with sources rang­ing from Claude Debussy to Pizzi­cato Five. I’ll be writ­ing another piece for the ensem­ble, to be per­formed in 2010.

I’ve been very busy in Hol­land, com­pos­ing like crazy. Sev­eral pieces recently fin­ished for var­i­ous projects. I’ve updated var­i­ous pages on the site to reflect more cur­rrent infor­ma­tion and hope to give more details as soon as pos­si­ble. Stay tuned!

I have posted the three papers from my UCSD Master’s port­fo­lio in a new sec­tion. There are abstracts and PDF ver­sions of the papers at the link above. In other news, I have been busy com­pos­ing and prepar­ing to move to the Nether­lands in the fall. More infor­ma­tion to follow.