Instrumentation: Piano 6 Hands, Squeeze Toys, Performers' Voices
Duration: 17:00
Performers: junctQín
Commissioned by junctQín
Premiered at the Colours of Music Festival, Barrie, Ontario, on Sep 27, 2011

Program Notes

Disney Princess Distasters is a humorous take on three traditional fairy tales about princesses. In the same way Disney changed these fairy tales to suit their own needs, I modified the stories from their original versions in order to create a series of unexpected twists and turns. No elements from the Disney versions have been used; I started with the earliest possible version of each story and adapted at will. No effort was made to stay true to the original, as you will soon discover.

The pianists tell the stories as they play the piano, with three pianists sharing one piano. They also use squeeze toys to accent the dialogue between the voice and piano.