Flüsse-Einflüsse (2005)

  • Instrumentation: accordion
  • Duration: 7’00
  • Performers: Accor­dion – Ina Henning
  • Com­mis­sioned by Ina Hen­ning with assis­tance from Roger D. Moore

Program Notes

Flüsse-Einflüsse is German for Streams-Influences. The concept of the convergence of multiple streams of influence is important to me, because I am a classical composer coming from a jazz and pop background. Similarly, the 2004/2005 DAAD Sound Understanding concert for which Flüsse-Einflüsse was written featured both classical and jazz performers. This idea of multiple streams converging is carried throughout the piece on several levels, from the material (taken from two of my favourite jazz tunes but reworked classically), to the interaction between performer and composer (some sections are written out, others are improvised), to the interaction of registers, textures, and formal elements.