Things have been very busy, and I haven’t had the chance to do any site updates between teaching, taking classes, and travelling for workshops/performances. I was recently in Montréal for the Ensemble contemporain’s workshop, and I leave next week for the première of The Enslavement and Liberation of Oksana G. with Tapestry New Opera in Toronto. See the Performances section for details.

In addition, one exciting piece of news: my first jury piece from UCSD was selected to compete in the 2006 Gaudeamus Music Week in the chamber music category. So I’ll be in Amsterdam in early Sep for that.

I have a couple of upcoming performances of note, including the Tapestry Opera To Go 2006 series, and my first composition jury at UCSD. I’ve also made some updates to my short bio, the pictures section, and my CV.

I have made some small changes to the site to reflect the passage of time. Nothing too exciting. However, check back over the next few weeks; I will be adding some news about upcoming premières, updating my bio, and hopefully posting some pictures of San Diego.

I’m starting to get settled in San Diego, and have updated contact information to reflect that change. I’ve also posted an upcoming performance by Tapestry New Opera of two my short opera scenes, for those who will be in the Toronto area. See the performances section for details.

The Tapestry LibLab was a success and I’ve been packing like mad since then. Now I’m off to San Diego to start my Master’s degree. I’ll post news and updates as I get settled into the routine of Southern California. Best wishes to everyone back in Toronto.