SoundMakers composer-in-residence premiere

Gardiner Museum
111 Queen's Park Toronto, Canada
Tickets available online, pay-what-you-can pricing

Culminating my SoundMakers composer-in-residence position with SoundStreams, I’m premiering a new piece, Longuement me sui tenus, in Toronto on March 20. A vocal quartet for electronically prepared voices, this piece is based on an Old French text by 14th-century poet Guillaume de Machaut.

I’ve been blogging about the piece on the SoundMakers website for the last few months, describing my compositional process, text-setting considerations, and the technology involved. The electronics processing changes the fundamental nature of the vocal sound, which forced me to write very different vocal lines. The end result is a lush, reverberant piece where layers of harmony cascade over each other, and I’me very excited to see it come to life.