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Are classical recordings underpriced? (photo credit)

Perhaps the classical music world has taken the entirely wrong approach to selling recordings; perhaps the reason they don’t turn a profit is because they’re significantly underpriced. Maybe we should be charging way more—like, three-figure prices per copy. And no, I’m not talking about charging extra for value-added stuff like boxed sets or exclusive tracks, I’m talking about, “Hey, this recording is awesome, so the price is $150.”

Hear me out before you dismiss this as crazy. Inevitably we’ll sell fewer copies if we set a higher price point, but that might not be harmful. In fact it might be a good thing. (more…)

Soundstreams 2014/15 composer-in-residence

I’m happy to announce that Toronto-based new music presenter Soundstreams has chosen me as their 2014/15 SoundMakers Composer-in-Residence. The residency includes the commission of a new piece for four digitally prepared vocalists, as well as a series of blog posts, educational efforts, and several other activities.

Check out the kick-off Q&A interview I did with Soundstreams, where we discuss everything from how I became a composer to what kind of shoes I wear. You can also check out the first blog post I wrote for SoundMakers, titled Composers Should Be More Like Chefs.

Also, make sure to poke around the SoundMakers site, which is a fantastic archive and remixing tool full of CC-licensed materials for downloading and sampling.