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Facebook Question

I’ve always been interested in what draws people to a specific vocation or another. Usually it’s some inherent personality trait, and composers share a lot them. But there are also some interesting differences. Here’s a tongue-and-cheek, Facebook-style quiz on random differences that I’ve noticed. Because even iconoclastic, avant-garde composers need to know which type of nonconformist they are. (more…)

Karl Friedrich Abel

I recently decided to try to encapsulate major lessons I learned from other composers’ music over the years into short one-liners. Sort of like the personality surveys that go around Facebook, but more about the musical personality of composers (perhaps my personality more than the people listed here). Anyway, this is what I came up with, in no particular order: (more…)

Changes in Western attitudes toward high art music and developments in internet music technology in the twenty-first century have challenged the traditional values of avant-garde composers; they will therefore need to adapt accordingly. I examine these adaptations by tracing the development of one common avant-garde belief: the belief that certain kinds of music have unique cultural value that others lack. (more…)