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I’m pleased and excited to announce that I was declared the winner of this year’s annual Young Composers Meeting in the Netherlands, hosted by renowned Dutch ensemble, orkest de ereprijs. The jurors chose between 16 pieces that the invited composers wrote for the ensemble. My piece, Love in the Time of Connectivity, was a collage of approximately a dozen other pieces, with sources ranging from Claude Debussy to Pizzicato Five. I’ll be writing another piece for the ensemble, to be performed in 2010.

I’ve been very busy in Holland, composing like crazy. Several pieces recently finished for various projects. I’ve updated various pages on the site to reflect more currrent information and hope to give more details as soon as possible. Stay tuned!

I have posted the three papers from my UCSD Master’s portfolio in a new section. There are abstracts and PDF versions of the papers at the link above. In other news, I have been busy composing and preparing to move to the Netherlands in the fall. More information to follow.