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composer jocelyn morlock

Music on Main composer-in-residence Jocelyn Morlock recently interviewed me and a series of other composers, ranging from Louis Andriessen to David Lang, Gary Kulesha, and Kaija Saariaho. The result is her fascinating Compendium of Ideas About Form in Music, which I would encourage you to read in full.

In Morlock’s words:

I asked some of the leading composers of our time to tell us their thoughts on form in music: what form means to them, how they structure their music, if/how they make formal plans, thoughts on repetition, audible structure from the listener’s viewpoint, and how their ideas on form have changed over the course of their careers.

Her narrative weaves together bits and pieces of the composers’ responses. She also includes the full responses at the end, though they’re a little hard to navigate, so I’ve reprinted my answers here as well: (more…)

The National Music Centre‘s Nathan Schmidt interviewed me recently and put together an interesting profile. The discussion goes into depth on some my influences and philosophies about composition, as well as my thoughts on the role of classical music in today’s society and how it connects to other types of art. Check it out:

Paul Steenhuisen has been putting together a very interesting series of podcast interviews with composers, including Elliott Carter, Vinko Globokar, Jonathan Harvey, Kee Yong Chong, and the composers in AMP. His interview with me is now available, direct from his website or iTunes.

In it, we talk about the difference between the US and Canadian new music scenes, some of the characteristics of my music, reappropriation and collage, how the chamber music scene is changing, and influences and processes in my composing. Throughout, the podcast is peppered with excerpts of my music and that of other people who came up in conversation.

Rondo Classic is featuring a radio interview with JunctQín, the 3-pianist collective that commissioned my Disney Princess Disasters. You can hear an excerpt of the piece in their interview, which runs on rotation from April 16-19 and 21-22 at 6:40pm.

Donato Cabrera

In early February, I interviewed Donato Cabrera, Resident Conductor at the SF Symphony and guest conductor for the February 28 SFCMP concert. In the interview, Cabrera discusses the differences between the American and European conducting traditions, the dangers of overspecialization, challenges facing the new music community in the United States, and how he thinks works by living composers should be programmed. You can read the interview on SFCMP’s blog.