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Young Composers Meeting 2010, orkest de ereprijs op de foto: Aaron Gervais

Aaron offcentered, sweater, black and white

orkest de ereprijs Young Composers Meeting, Apeldoorn, 2010


  • Instrumentation: flt, flt, clar, alto sax, bari sax, hrn, trpt, tbn, tbn, tba, pno, elec gtr, bass gtr, drums
  • Duration: 13'00
  • Performers:orkest de ereprijs, conductor: Wim Boerman
  • Commissioned by orkest de ereprijs

Program Notes

Much of my recent work deals with the issue of reappropriation. Where do we get our ideas? What do we owe, if anything, to our sources of inspiration? Historically, composers have stolen ideas from each other regularly, reworking these into their music and taking all the credit (and the money, if they could). The invention of copyright was the first attempt at giving credit to the originators of ideas, but this has evolved over time into a corporate-controlled system of property that promotes the fiction that new ideas somehow spontaneously appear out of nothingness.

Composers have always taken each others’ ideas, and if they didn’t, there would be no composing. But now the big music companies would want us to believe that this is somehow wrong. It is, certainly, wrong to profit from the work of others without making any contribution oneself, but there are many uses of existing music that do make new, meaningful contributions. For this reason, I’ve taken an interest in quotation, collage, and related techniques. It’s a way to pay homage to the music that has influenced me while at the same time exposing the false idea that creativity comes out of nothingness. So here I am, cards on the table, showing everyone the music I was thinking of when working on this piece—by quoting that music.

Thus the title Elegy of Others. I wanted to write a piece that was reflective and sombre, and I wanted to make it a collage of the work of others. This was a particular challenge, because I have found collage better suited to fast, upbeat music than it is to the slow and sombre; quotations tend to lose their character when the tempo is slow, and phrases made up of long quotes do not cohere very well. For this reason, I had to approach this piece differently than in my previous work, transforming the material in more extreme ways for the sake of musical expression. In Elegy of Others, therefore, the quotations are not always immediately recognizable, though they do come to the surface periodically. Nevertheless, almost every note in Elegy of Others is quoted, with few exceptions. The pieces quoted are, in order of appearance:

  1. The Four Seasons, “Drunkards Asleep”, Antonio Vivaldi, 1723
  2. “The Girl from Ipanema”, Antonio Carlos Jobim, 1962
  3. “Everybody Hurts”, R.E.M., 1992
  4. “Dazed and Confused”, Led Zeppelin, 1968
  5. Die schöne Müllerin, “Des Müllers Blumen”, Franz Schubert, 1823

    The New Year is off to a busy start, with several premières coming up and a variety of new projects in the works.

    • On 25 Jan 2010, Brazilian-Canadian pianist Luciane Car­dassi pre­mières my new piece, Hockey Story, on the Hap­pen­ing 2010 New Music Fes­ti­val in Calgary. This piece, on the theme of hockey, is for speak­ing pianist and electronics.
    • Shortly thereafter, on 19 Feb 2010, I’m off to Holland for the première of a piece commissioned by ork­est de erepris. This piece, Elegy of Others, is a collage, with quotations ranging from Vivaldi to R.E.M. and Antonio Carlos Jobim.
    • Finally, February wraps up with the orchestral reading (28 Feb 2010) of a section from the opera, Oksana G., that librettist Colleen Murphy and I have been developing for several years. We conducted a successful piano-vocal workshop with Tapestry New Opera at the Banff Centre in August and now the Canadian Opera Company is doing a reading, as part of the long-term development process for this piece.

    These events mark the culmination of several projects from 2009. Several other projects, including some unconventional ensembles and the use of unusual media, are under development for 2010. Additional details will be posted when available.

    Podium Gigant
    Nieuwstraat 377 Apeldoorn, the Netherlands

    orkest de erepris premières a new piece of mine, Elegy of Others, commissioned by them after I won their Young Composers Competition in 2009. The piece is a collage and is reflective in nature, bringing together sources from Vivaldi to R.E.M.

    • Canada Council for the Arts, Commissioning Grant (Other Minds Festival, San Francisco)
    • SOCAN Awards for Young Composers: Godfrey Ridout Award (Vocal Music), third prize
    • Canada Council for the Arts, Commissioning Grant (Tapestry New Opera)
    • ASCAP Foundation, Morton Gould Young Composer Awards, honorable mention
    • Canada Council for the Arts, Travel Grant
    • Dilettante, International Digital Composer-in-Residence Competition (London, UK), finalist
    • SOCAN Awards for Young Composers: Godfrey Ridout Award (Vocal Music), first prize
    • Alberta Creative Development Initiative Grant
    • Canada Council for the Arts Commissioning Grant (Ensemble Resonance, Calgary)
    • Canada Council for the Arts, Travel Grant
    • Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Award
    • SOCAN Awards for Young Composers: Serge Garant Award (Chamber Music), third prize
    • Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Music Project Grant
    • Culture no.3 selected by the ISCM Canadian Section as part of their submission to the 2008 ISCM World Music Days in Lithuania
    • Canada Council for the Arts, Commissioning Grant (Toca Loca, Toronto)
    • Canada Council for the Arts, Grant to Professional Musicians
    • SOCAN Awards for Young Composers: Pierre Mercure Award (Solo or Duet), first prize
    • Canada Council for the Arts, Grant to Professional Musicians
    • UC San Diego, Travel Grant
    • Neil D. Graham and William Erving Fairclough Graduating Scholarships (University of Toronto)
    • SOCAN Awards for Young Composers:
    Serge Garant Award (Chamber Music), second prize
    Godfrey Ridout Award (Vocal Music), third prize
    • George Coutts and Gwendolyn Grant Academic Scholarships (University of Toronto)
    • TrypTych Toronto Young Composers’ Competition, first prize
    • Monica Ryckman and Ben McPeek Academic Scholarships (University of Toronto)
    • Jazz Band Most Valuable Member Award (Grant MacEwan College)
    • Louise McKinney Scholarship and entrance scholarship (Grant MacEwan College)
    • Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Study Grant
    • Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Study Grant