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Jason Caslor has a post on his blog today referencing a New York Times article that muses about whether “glitz” or other marketing gimmicks are useful or hurtful for classical music. The musing is in reference to the effect that conductor Gustavo Dudamel‘s flamboyant hair has had on classical music (in conjunction with his musical talents). Is it good for the vitality of orchestras and opera companies on the long run? (more…)

Recently I had a discussion with someone at a concert, about whether or not it was good to fall asleep during a performance. She said that, although she enjoyed the piece that had just been played, she was disappointed that it had been programmed so late in the concert, because it made her feel sleepy. So I asked her why that was a bad thing. (more…)

There is surprisingly little musicological literature devoted to the subject of nostalgia, especially considering how widely it is used by musicologists in their writing. In this paper, I deal with the question of nostalgia as a discursive tool, and especially with the ways that it can be used as a literary authority. (more…)