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Violinist David Garrett, photo CC by Dove Bongartz via Wikimedia Commons

Slate’s Mark Vanhoenacker published a statistics-laden (and admittedly sympathetic) “requiem” on the death of classical music last week. True, if you look at classical music through the lens of pop music, you might be forgiven for seeing a ER patient gasping for breath on a Beyonce-embossed hospital bed. But it’s been a long time since classical and pop music have competed for the same prizes, and that’s the problem with his argument: Vanhoenacker fundamentally misunderstands what classical music is about in the 21st century. Classical isn’t the same cultural beast as pop—not anymore anyway. It might not ever be again, and that doesn’t matter in the least for its survival. (more…)

Rondo Classic is featuring a radio interview with JunctQín, the 3-pianist collective that commissioned my Disney Princess Disasters. You can hear an excerpt of the piece in their interview, which runs on rotation from April 16-19 and 21-22 at 6:40pm.

Just quick note to let you know that Taukay has added Sensational Revolution in Medicine to its current web radio rotation, to play every 30 hours for the next month. Their current playlist also features many of the other composers on the AMP roster.

  • Culture no.1 included in the SCI Journal of Music Scores (Vol. 40)
  • “Gaudeamus Music Week Review”. Canadian New Music Review.
May 2005
  • Radio interview, CIUT, Music Factory. Toronto, Canada
Live interview and feature broadcast of my music
  • Guest lecturer, Composers’ Seminar, University of Toronto
Gave a presentation highlighting the parallels between rhythmic constructs in Cuban music and functional tonality