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Little Mission Studio
445 Hampshire St San Francisco
$20 at the door or from Brown Paper Tickets

San Francisco’s virtuoso Mobius Trio is performing the first movement from Prescription Drug Nation, my ongoing series portraying the effects of commonly used and abused prescription drugs, at Little Mission Studio. This movement is an energetic portrait of Adderall, come check it out!

Gentrification in Berlin's Kreuzberg neighborhood. (photo credit)

Living in San Francisco, you can’t avoid the anti-gentrification rants—and my fellow artists are some of the loudest participants. The Mission District, once a bohemian enclave, has become astronomically expensive and a playground for obnoxious Tech Bros. Longstanding arts organizations in SoMa and the Tenderloin have had to relocate or shut down to make room for new luxury apartments, to the point that the city is considering a tax on new development to subsidize nonprofits. Shady landlords find underhanded ways to evict rent-controlled tenants and sell the properties at a handsome profit. Even formerly unredeemable neighborhoods of Oakland have started to succumb to baby strollers, designer boutiques, and rising rents. All the while, artists and the poor get pushed out, and any last remnant of cultural life goes along with them. Or so the story goes.

In reality, gentrification has an artistic upside, even when you factor in all that bad stuff. Gentrification is not just about the disneyfication of formerly quirky neighborhoods at the expense of anything unique or original. (more…)

St. Ignatius Church
650 Parker Avenue San Francisco, CA
Tickets through Brown Paper Tickets: $25 General / $15 Student

Artists’ Vocal Ensemble premieres my new piece, Televised Address to the Nation on Civil Rights, based on JFK’s famous speech of the same name from 1963. The work, for SSAATTBB chorus and electronics, is being performed on the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination. The text is taken entirely from his speech, heard in a call and response format that contrasts the chorus with the White House recording of Kennedy giving the speech.

Also on the concert:

  • Herbert Howells: Motet on the Death of President Kennedy
  • Benjamin Britten: Hymn to St. Cecilia
  • Johannes Ockeghem: Requiem Mass
  • Alonso Lobo: Versa est in Luctum Cithara Mea

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, Jacket, © 2012 Tracy Wong

Aaron suit

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, Jacket, © 2012 Tracy Wong

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, shirt profile, © 2012 Tracy Wong

Aaron surprised profile

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, shirt profile, © 2012 Tracy Wong