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Painting of Niccolo Machiavelli

I am currently reading the very interesting 48 Laws of Power, which is sort of an updated version of Machiavelli’s controversial work but with a modern perspective. I started thinking, becoming a world-renowned composer is a process not unlike overthrowing a medieval princedom, so what would Machiavelli’s advice be to young 21st-century composers?

So moral judgment cast aside, a blatantly careerist approach to becoming a composer. And naturally, none of this has anything to do with music. (more…)

The genre of outsider music is problematic in many respects. Unlike its art brut or naïve art cousins in the visual realm, it is difficult to come up with a specific categorization of outsiderness in music. Once we begin an attempt at such a definition, philosophical questions about consciousness and the nature of art complicate the issue. Therefore, I address the question of whether or not outsider music should be considered a genre at all, or if more specific descriptors for this music might be more useful. (more…)