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After a good deal of work and assistance from my webmaster Rob Mosher, I’ve completed a new website design, based on the Responsive theme by Emil Uzelac. It should now work across all computer browsers, smartphones, and tablets. Check it out!

In a previous post, I discussed the difference in our reactions to music when we choose it (active selection) versus when someone else chooses it for us (passive selection). I claimed that the endless choice we experience thanks to Internet technology was making it harder to enjoy passive musical selection.

Upon further reflection, however, I see that I am actually making less active music choices nowadays than I used to, and technology is part of the reason why. So I’ve decided to conduct an experiment: How long can I avoid making active listening choices, and what will that do to the way I hear music? (more…)

A recent article in Slate by Jan Swafford got me thinking about one of the major distinctions between information on the Internet and off the Internet. As I’ve been arguing for years, the way we interact with art has fundamentally changed. Swafford looks at this from the perspective of a writer to argue “Why e-books will never replace real books”.

Basically, it comes down to directed or active activity versus non-directed or passive activity. When you turn on the radio, the selection is passive. You can choose the station, but you can’t choose the programming. When you search for music on YouTube, however, the selection is always active. (more…)

The culmination of a lot of planning, evaluating, and work, I’ve now got a new look for my website. There are still a few minor tweaks to be made, but the majority is there. Now that this project is completed, stay tuned for updated content that is on the way in the next month or so.

Composer Richard Zarou recently did a podcast interview with me, for his blog, No Extra Notes. No Extra Notes is a weekly podcast about up-and-coming composers. The interview deals with why I write music, some of the inspirations behind my work, and a range of other topics. It also features two recent pieces of mine, Sensational Revolution in Medicine and Kiss Around the World.