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Christian Baldini

Recently, I interviewed conductor/composer Christian Baldini for the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players. Christian is conducting a piece by French composer, Philippe Hurel for SFCMP’s upcoming concert on April 26. Baldini is an Argentine musician by birth, currently teaching conducting at UC Davis near San Francisco.

Interestingly enough, in the process of the interview, we discovered we have some things in common, including a love of contemporary music and new opera!

I have posted the three papers from my UCSD Master’s portfolio in a new section. There are abstracts and PDF versions of the papers at the link above. In other news, I have been busy composing and preparing to move to the Netherlands in the fall. More information to follow.

I’ve posted a couple of blog entries on my MySpace page, having to do with the philosophy of music. One deals with the value of music in society today, the other with the ecological effects of music, and how the energy crisis will change the sound of our music. On a similar note, I intend eventually to post some of my Master’s portfolio papers here, which deal with related topics, once I’ve finished my degree this summer. Stay tuned.